CNC work for HST A/S

We are a subcontractor for machining in all types of materials, and our equipment for CNC turning and CNC milling is optimal when high technical requirements are demanded.

With our machinery, we can carry out tasks within CNC milling and CNC turning for customers worldwide.

We are, of course, ISO certified.

The company has built up a good export with a multi-year ISO certification based on ISO 9001:2015 for quality and ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management standards. Today, we function as a subcontractor for customers in, among others, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, India, and the USA.


Our machines can handle all kinds of tasks:

  • 1 unit Mac-turn 350 turning length 1500 mm, Y-axis
  • 1 unit Mac-turn 250 turning length 1000 mm, sub-spindle Y-axis.
  • 1 unit Okuma LB 25 lathes, both with steady rest, tailstock, Ø80 through hole
  • 1 unit UR10 robot
  • 1 unit Okuma LT 10-M 2 S with bar feeder
  • 1 unit Okuma Genos L300E-M with bar feeder
  • 1 unit Okuma LVT 300-M with automatic material feed table Robot cell, Okuma LT300-M and LB2000-M-C, as well as Motoman robot for part handling Robot cell, Okuma LU25
  • 1 unit Mazak Intergrex 300 - 2Y with max turning diameter of Ø600 and turning length of 1500mm, programmable steady rest
  • 2 units HAAS 4 SS X1270mm Y508mm Z635mm, and 4 axis with programmable dividing head Ø250mm
  • 2 units Haas VF 2SS
  • 1 unit 5-axis HASS UMC-750 X762mm Y508mm Z508mm connected to LANG system with 20 clamping palettes
  • 1 unit Okuma MX60 pallet machine, X1000mm, Y800mm, Z800mm, 10000 rpm.
  • Pallet plane 630 X 630mm, various clamping cubes.
  • 1 unit Fadal 4020 with programmable dividing head.
  • All milling machines are networked and fully integrated with Gibbs CAM/Mastercam in full 3D.
  • Doall C Ø420mm on NC band saw
  • Doall Ø305mm on NC band saw